Talent2 Cornerstone+

We add the talent to your Cornerstone solution.

Is it time to re-invigorate your learning or talent management approach and solution?

When you partner with Talent2 to implement Cornerstone, the difference is our people. Our highly trained consultants can advise you on the best systems, processes and tools for all your learning or talent management solutions, large or small.

The combination of Cornerstone's powerful functionality, with Talent2's expert advisory and support service, ensures that you optimise the benefits from your new Learning/Talent Management System (TMS).

Extra benefits of Cornerstone+ include:

  • Local Expertise. We add our strong Asia Pacific footprint with on the ground specialists that work to your time zones, speak your language and understand the local customs
  • Advice. We add best practice and strategic advice to transform your organisational structure and supporting HR systems, frameworks and processes to achieve optimal efficiencies
  • People. We add  people and exceptional service - our aim is to delight our clients, ensuring they enjoy a successful implementation and achieve the full benefits of their business case
  • Consultancy. We add insightful, intelligent solutions - our experienced consultants provide comprehensive solutions to optimise process/system efficiencies, align goals and drive success throughout your business
  • Experience. We add  support, with our consultants working with you to provide a seamless implementation process that also sets the system up to achieve long term operational efficiencies
  • Content. We add creative talent - our highly skilled design team take the time to understand your business and objectives, to deliver a superior solution with exceptional results
  • Administration. We add learning process administration, where we manage your system administration, learning events and system reporting requirements, removing this time-consuming burden from your business


Watch how we can enhance your HR tool kit to expertly manage and engage your people.


Talent2 offers two flexible Cornerstone solutions. Both offer our state-of-the-art cloud-based technology, saving you time and resources through the provision of outsourced infrastructure and applications.

Cornerstone in-a-box

The 'in-a-box' version is designed for businesses that want to leverage best practice process knowledge, providing flexibility within a framework to get you up and running more quickly.


Meet our highly capable Learning team here.

Cornerstone OnDemand

Designed for organisations with more unique and specific processes. Our specialist consultants will work with you to configure the TMS to your exact needs.