Overcoming Business Problems


Date posted: 01/01/1900

Background and Client Objectives
In December 2010, the NSW Accounting and Finance Recruitment team placed a CFO into a permanent role at a well known hospitality company. The successful candidate was an experienced Accounting executive who we had previously worked with earlier in his career.

As he settled into his new role, he uncovered some major problems with his company's front office IT system, in relation to its integration with the finance function. He also realised that there was no one within the business who had the time or the expertise to properly rectify these problems. As the new CFO, he needed to have confidence that there were IT systems in place that were going to give him an accurate picture of the financial position of his company.

What We Did
The Talent2 consultant kept in touch with his newly placed candidate, who let him know about the predicament he was in. His consultant suggested that he consider hiring a contractor, to unravel and fix the problems with the company's IT and Finance systems. The CFO saw huge benefits in hiring a contractor for this purpose and he was quickly put in contact with Talent2's specialist Accounting and Finance Contracting team. They placed a contractor into the company within a week of being briefed on the requirements of the role. The contractor already had experience in the IT Finance system that the company was using, and got straight to work finding a solution that worked within the company's broader IT infrastructure.

The Results
Within three months, the problems were solved, and the CFO was delighted to have so quickly and easily rectified the situation. The contractor fitted into the organisation so well that, after his initial project was complete, he was recruited into another project team, and his contract extended for nine months.

The Talent2 NSW Accounting and Finance team has strengthened their relationship with this hospitality company, through their careful analysis of the needs of the organisation, and the speed in which they helped to solve their problems. This client is now committed to continuing their relationship for future recruitment needs, for both permanent and contract appointments.